Welcome to the Insurance Section

We are responsible for overseeing all insurance matters relating to the University and its staff and students. We issue the University’s insurance policy, published in the Cambridge University Reporter, which offers comprehensive advice to staff on all insurance matters that may affect them during the course of their work. Our team is also able to provide specialist advice on particular issues to University institutions and to individuals.

The University provides insurance for employees who are required to travel overseas for business and also for members of supervised departmental field trips. We provide information about this scheme and offer guidance on the application process.


Members of the University should always follow the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (F&CO). No travel should be made to regions with a strict "no travel" rating. For less severe ratings the wording of the guidance should be interpreted conservatively. Where a region has the rating "essential travel only" journeys to that area should be avoided.

The University's travel insurers advise against travel to regions with a negative F&CO rating, however where members of the University are already in such a region our insurers will do their best to arrange medical assistance and provide other elements of the cover. Anyone in a region with a negative F&CO rating should contact the insurance office at insurance.section.online@admin.cam.ac.uk or (0)1223 332216 or 339659.

The University's travel insurers will consider claims for cancellation of trips due to negative F&CO guidance where bookings for flights and accommodation were made prior to negative advice from the F&CO. Evidence of the booking date will be required as part of the claims process. If you need to make a claim for cancellation of a trip due to negative F&CO guidance please contact the insurance office at insurance.section.online@admin.cam.ac.uk.